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Assessment & Policies


At Imavex, our consulting services extend beyond traditional IT and software assistance to include the development and implementation of comprehensive policy writing and training programs. These programs are tailored for educational institutions and businesses, focusing on usage policies, data policies, AI policies, and more.

Our team specializes in crafting clear, comprehensive policies that govern the use of technology, data management, and AI applications. These policies are designed to ensure that technology is used responsibly and ethically while aligning with both industry standards and regulatory requirements. We also provide specialized training for school systems and businesses, empowering staff and students to understand and adhere to these policies effectively.

In addition to policy development, we continue to offer robust technology audits and assessments. These include code reviews, system evaluations, application analysis, and vendor assessments, ensuring your technology infrastructure is robust and compliant. We also extend our services to include GDPR and PCI compliance, safeguarding your operations against regulatory risks.

Our approach is holistic and strategic, focusing on delivering actionable insights and recommendations. This is aimed at enhancing and optimizing your technology environment, from policy implementation to system performance, ensuring that your IT infrastructure supports your wider business or educational objectives. Our consulting services are a comprehensive solution for navigating the complexities of the modern digital landscape, ensuring technological excellence in every aspect.

Technology Assessment

Stories of Success

OneMission Society

Assessed Current Systems, Applications and Vendors and Provided Comprehensive Report of Recommendations

Provided a Security Audit to Remove Vulnerabilities

Provided Recommendations on how to Enhance Business Process and Business Goals through AI and Data Modeling


Conducted Systems Analysis and Provided User Requirements for Large Scale Enterprise Customer Protal

Consulted on Best Methodogies on Integration of Data to Customer Portal and Deployed the Solution for the Client


Built PCI Compliance Plan to Ensure the Security of 1000s of Websites

Developed Internal Processes to Ensure iWorksite Processes Delivered Sensitive Information Securily