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By focusing on the needs and experience of your customers, we create solutions and strategies that work.  Imavex understands building a website and an internet marketing strategy is a process that involves working with you to understand your needs, goals and those of your clients. We work with budgets of all sizes and we will work with you to find the best and most cost effective solutions to address your website, mobile, video and internet marketing needs.  Our focus on technology gives you the best of both form and function. 


Our clients are business owners and professionals who are always on the go and running out of hours in the day. They have little to no time to worry about making updates to their website or how to increase their search results. This is why we created a solution called iWorksite. It doesn't sleep, it works 24 hours a day, and it serves as an extension of your business. The Imavex iWorksite solution is our custom-built content management system.  It's built to allow ease of use when making content updates your website.  As a proprietary CMS, it offers special safety/security features including access to our webcare specialists.  

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We help golf courses, private clubs, resorts, and destinations improve their online presence and increase revenue. We take a creative and strategic approach for each facility that is based on their specific needs, unique audience, and geographic location. We also help private clubs enhance the online experience and improve communication with their members.  

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You shoot a video. Perhaps a program or a live event. You work some editing magic and, voila, you have a finished video you'd now like to syndicate or share. With everyone. Everywhere. No problem. With Streamotor, you send us one video and we make it into many. With our unique technology, your one video is now able to be viewed on any device.

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Private Label CMS

We call this our "one-to-many" solution. Provide your clients with one solution that meets all of their internet marketing needs. This fully customizable private label content management system allows you to get your customers up and running with a website, streaming video, integrated social, email marketing, a search engine marketing and optimization campaign, and more. Empower yourself and your clients.

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