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Imavex Software Design & Development

Imavex brings 23 years of unparalleled expertise in software design and development, delivering tailor-made solutions that embody the principles of Agile and Scrum methodologies. Our seasoned consultants, project managers, and developers, adept in Agile practices, ensure that our software development process is adaptable, client-focused, and consistently aligned with the latest industry trends.

Incorporating Scrum, we enhance project management and execution, delivering high-quality software in structured sprints. This methodical approach brings efficiency, transparency, and focus to our development process, meeting client needs with accuracy and speed.

Our software design services, enriched by decades of experience, are not just about creating functional software but about crafting solutions that drive business growth and adaptability. Similarly, our software development approach is designed to be robust and scalable, ensuring that our clients stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

At Imavex, we don’t just develop software; we engineer growth and innovation. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our deep understanding of Agile and Scrum methodologies, positions us as a leader in the software development arena, ready to transform your business challenges into opportunities.

Software Design & Development

Stories of Success

Carrier Corporation

Design, Developed an Deployed Enterprise Web Application for Dealer Loyalty Marketing Program

Migrated 900+ Carrier & Bryant Dealer Website to New Platform

Aggregated Analytics Reports Across all Distributors and Dealers

Nucor Steel

Designed, Developed and Deployeed Customer Portal to 100s of Clients

Integrated Web Portal to ERP System to Gather Real Time Orders and Metallurgical Reports to Clients


Design, Developed and Deployed Project Management Journey Application

Streamlined Team Processes to Build Efficiencies and Cut Internal Costs