Steve Hilbert Launches New Website

April 25th 2011 -

Who is Steve Hilbert?

Steve Hilbert is looked at as an entrepreneur's entrepreneur. Steve’s strategy is to help the management teams of the businesses where he invests to grow and innovate, using an owner-operator mentality. His pioneering efforts have been at the forefront of the financial services, entertainment, technology, and skin care industries. While others are content to sit on the sidelines, Steve’s passion and drive place him squarely in the center of the action and ready to take on the next challenge and opportunity.

Steve works with some of the biggest names in tanning solutions. Some of those companies include Australian Gold, California Tan, Designer Skin, Swedish Beauty, Entertainment, Helios, and United Marketing Group. Recently, Australian Gold appeared on the hit TV show The Celebrity Apprentice.

IMAVEX Provides Internet Solutions

So how do we fit in? A few months ago Helios came to us regarding a new website solution for Steve Hilbert and his family of tanning lotions. We started with Steve's website, then moved to the Australian Gold site. We are now working on additional sites for him and his organizations. The opportunity here is endless, and it was a blast working on a site for Mr. Hilbert.

Our team worked directly with Mr. Hilbert on the site to produce a product that matches his vision. From the colors in the logo to the fonts we used on a per page basis, the website came together step by step. Once we were completed, Mr. Hilbert and his staff were not only satisfied, but blown away by the level of detail that eventually went into the site.