Limelight Networks, IMAVEX's Streaming Media Partner, Increases Power

October 22nd 2008 -

Limelight Networks

Limelight Networks is the content delivery partner for thousands of entertainment, technology, enterprise and government entities around the world.  Brilliant companies throughout myriad industries align with them because they think about content delivery networks differently.  They enable any object in digital media libraries to be instantly delivered and monetized - thus creating an unparalleled online experience for businesses' customers.

Limelight's robust architecture bypasses the cramped public Internet, directly delivering live or on-demand content over a dedicated fiber-optic network that interconnects with thousands of servers and more than 800 global access networks.  And recently, that network was improved upon even further.

On October 16, Limelight announced that the company's global content delivery capacity exceeded two terabits per second - this means that they have begun the 'broadcast quantity' era for content delivery networks.    At this point, Limelight is capable of delivering broadcasts from the quality of YouTube all the way up to HD broadcasts.

The milestone of two terabits per second of network capacity is more evidence of Limelight's superior capabilities and expertise.  For over seven years, the Limelight Network's content delivery service has powered some of the largest and most complex events in the history of the Internet.  From supporting hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users for Oprah's online book club, to delivering over 70 million video streams for on MSN, to enabling interactive content and game downloads for each of the three major gaming console manufacturers, Limelight has consistently delivered content in the brilliance the publisher intended it to be seen.

Limelight Networks is the world's largest content delivery network.  Their capabilities are incredible and can add tremendous value to businesses online.  And IMAVEX has partnered with Limelight to bring all of these abilities to you.  In partnering with IMAVEX, you can leverage our relationship with Limelight to gain access to this robust network.

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