Imavex and Google Look to the Future for Success and Development

June 17th 2008 -

Advancing Imavex

The professionals at Imavex are constantly in pursuit of advancements and new technologies that have the potential to add value to the products and services they offer.  This pursuit led the company to send one of their own, Gerald Stanley, to the Google I/O Conference in May 2008.  According to, "Google I/O is a two day developer event focused on both Google developer products as well as other open initiatives for the web."

How can Imavex partner with Google?

The purpose of sending Stanley to this conference was for him to take in all the information presented by the speakers and wrap his mind around Google's developments.  He then could transform this into how Google's progress can be utilized at Imavex.  Stanley said "The conference opened up more possibilities for Imavex and new ways of making our product better.  We are now working on it to make improvements."

The Android Project

One such development from Google is the Android Project.  The basis of the project is cell phones.  Currently, many different models of cell phones exist.  If an application is created for one model, no simple way exists to use that application on the other models.  Developers have to re-create the application for each type of model.  What the Android Project does is translate the application across the different models so developers only have to create it once.  But what does this mean for Imavex and its clients? 

Utilizing Android at Imavex

What Android does is open up Imavex's current product to possible cell phone applications.  The ability to add this feature is exciting and will be considered as the Android Project progresses to see if it coincides with Imavex's clientele's goals. 

It is certain that the future of Imavex and the success of its clients can be greatly enhanced by partnering with Google and its developments.  Stanley's time at the Google I/O Conference just puts Imavex one step ahead of the game.

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