Imavex and Softron Media Services Redefine Broadcast Television and OTT with OnTheAir Stream

September 8th 2011 -

Indianapolis, September 8th 2011 - Over-the-top (OTT) TV is poised to fundamentally shift the way Broadcast TV is delivered to and consumed by the viewer. A rising generation of media consumers have new expectations satisfied only by mass consumption of consuming mobile, tablet, and connected TV’s on a massive scale. The game-changing nature of OTT is challenging the existing broadcasting business models. PayTV operators, content producers, local TV stations, radio, and service providers each face a seemingly never ending maze of technical and business decisions that will determine future success or failure.

In the past two decades, tech and video companies have risen and fallen because they failed to look past the newest and greatest trend. Today, while walking around the convention at IBC, you will see many computers integrated into broadcasting solutions. Some people grew up with Final Cut Pro® and for them, it is hard to imagine a time when people did not use computers when broadcasting. Every single booth is promising the next best thing and somehow a computer is part of this solution.

Steve Jobs has left a legacy, leaving a wildfire of technology exponentially growing in the broadcasting community. What if the Apple Mac could handle playout?

As the new cycle of tomorrow’s television appears on the horizon, thinking outside of the traditional TV Box is required.

In the same spirit that Steve Jobs has lead Apple®, Softron Media Services has partnered with imavex to deliver a revolutionary new Internet TV playout solution.

Daniel Tapie, CEO of Softron Media Services, who has recognized this burgeoning shift in broadcasting technology says, "Once more, with our premium technology partner imavex, Softron is revolutionizing the way OnTheAir video is delivered in 2011. We are enabling our stations to stream their content to the web and mobile devices in a cool and easy-to-understand fashion."

At this year's IBC, imavex and Softron Media Services announce the newest solution for multi-casting to every screen solution with OnTheAir Stream by imavex. This is not just another online video platform offering Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions. In the Apple-spirit of elegance and simplicity combined with computing power, OnTheAir Stream makes broadcasting to any screen easily accessible to customers.

imavex Director of Technology, Andrew Porterfield says, "We are exited about OnTheAir Stream and are confident that Softron customers are going to be very pleased with the simple and easy to use interface. The industry is shifting towards Internet TV and we strongly believe the partnership with Softron Media Services is an excellent solution for current Softron broadcasters, Softron, and imavex."

Do not worry about a heavy investment in encoders, because all you need to do is provide one single high quality stream. OnTheAir Stream takes care of the rest with an elegant and powerful video CMS (Content Management System), cloud multi-platform encoding, and global CDN delivery.

Today it’s no longer enough to deliver video content to just the TV. There is a fundamental shift in TV consumption and OTT is making this even clearer.

Whether you are a cable operator, a mobile or a pure-play OTT provider, ensuring a unified customer experience across a maze of connected platforms is critical to your customers. OnTheAir Stream expands your Internet TV options with live streaming 24/7 and the ability to reach viewers on any device.

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