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November 13th 2008 - Indianapolis Internet marketing and web design firm, IMAVEX LLC, based in Noblesville, Indiana, a leading provider of interactive website solutions and Internet marketing products and services, was selected by Carmel Dads' Club to launch

Carmel Dads' Club - Carmel, Indiana

In 1959, a small group of fathers conceived a youth sports program which would provide early skill development for athletes.  The idea for this program is now Carmel Dads' Club - a not-for-profit organization consisting of families from Clay Township. 

Football was the first sport offered in the Carmel Dads' Club.  However, at last count they provided 11 different sports per year - and they are always receptive to new ideas for the youth.  Over the years, the Dads' Club has grown in many ways.  Mom and Dad volunteers have supported over 750 teams in primary sports.  And skill development remains an important goal, but now the program is also more of an alternative for kids who may never star in high school sports.  The Dads' Club gives these young people an outstanding opportunity to develop physically while learning teamwork, sportsmanship and citizenship.

With over 5500 memberships, the Dads' Club is now an integral part of the Carmel community, representing parent volunteers, the school systems, and the city.

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