A 2014 Marketing Mix with Spot Freight Inc

January 13th 2014 -

It’s been a while since we’ve highlighted a client with a spot light within our news section, but this company working in freight and intermodal trucking quotes is doing a lot of things well.

Spot Freight Inc, (www.spotmyfreight.com) is an Indianapolis based with a vision to use cutting edge technology to match the right carrier with the right shipment. Spot Freight is an Inc.com 5000 company ranked #8 overall in Indiana and #15 in the Logistics and Transportation category. These guys have been doing excellent things, doubling growth every year since 2009 and a 3-year growth percentage of 912%.

At imavex, we’re pleased to have the opportunity to serve Spot Freight in the capacity of online marketing. We think Spot Freight has picked up some really essential pieces for a 2014 marketing mix and we would like to share that mix with you. It ranges from design, to video and a still largely unused form of pay-per-click marketing.


The website design that resulted from the direction of the people at Spot Freight and the creative know-how of our designers resulted in a design that was truly sharp. View the design


In addition to the web design, the brilliant folks on the imavex production team also produced, shot, edited and host the the video that plays from the Spot Freight home page.

Search Engine Marketing

But that isn’t where the efforts stopped. Spot Freight is also launching a new technology product into the LTL shipping industry. LTL stands for, “less than truckload” and Spot Freight’s new product myspot TMS (myspottms.spotmyfreight.com) is designed to match LTL shippers and LTL carriers together with the most efficiency possible. While myspot TMS is the product itself, the marketing efforts for that product are largely run through the created microsite here. This microsite combines elements of a traditional landing page along with an emphasis on gaining traffic organically through search engine optimization.

Imavex had created a custom pay-per-click campaign to drive qualified leads through to the landing page as well as remarketing ads.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are a fairly new way of marketing again to those who have already viewed your products or services by visiting your website. The way it works for Spot Freight is this: a user may come to the website, read a little while, be interested, but get distracted and leave the website without filling out a form or calling. The remarketing ads will follow that person and maybe a day or two or three later, will show an add like this one:

It is a great way to unobtrusively remind and reengage your audience who has already shown an interest in your product or service.

Here at imavex, we’re excited to be a piece of Spot Freight’s plans to continue growth momentum into 2014.

Media Contact:
Kevin Burzynski