IMAVEX Developers Attend Google Developer Days 2007

May 31st 2007 - Today, two members of the IMAVEX development team, including lead developer and managing partner, Gerald Stanley, are attending the 2007 Google Developer Day Seminars at the Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, CA, as well as at the San Jose Convention Center.  The IMAVEX representatives, Andrew Porterfield and Gerald Stanley, will be working closely with the Google Developer Programs team on many different development areas, such as integrations with Google APIs, Google Maps and much more. 

From the official Google Developer Day 2007 Blog:
There are two high level categories that will be the focus of the conference: integration and reach.

Integration is how Google is exposing its infrastructure and scalable services. For example the Google Maps API and Google Data APIs. These are XML web services that let you use Google servers as a backend to your applications.

Reach means ways to empower developers to reach Google users. We have a whole lot of servers and lots of traffic. Developers want better ways to access that traffic. For example, through the Google Gadgets API developers can incorporate their products into the iGoogle personalized home page.

IMAVEX is committed to bringing our customers the absolute best technology and new media solutions with velocity and value.  By working closely with Google, IMAVEX will be able to provide current and future customers with web solutions that are aligned with the most powerful and influencial online media company in the world.  Having already integrated with such products as Google Webmaster Tools / Sitemaps, and Google Maps, as well as being a Google AdWords Qualified Company, IMAVEX understands the value that these products and capabilities bring current customers through the IMAVEX website solutions.

About Imavex
IMAVEX, LLC is a leading provider of interactive web solutions and Internet marketing products and services. Imavex helps companies and organizations to dynamically manage their web presence while providing a catalyst to promote and market their company. In addition, Imavex provides industry leading search engine marketing and optimization services to drive pre-qualified users to their clients’ web presence, and then turn them into paying customers. Imavex is headquartered in Noblesville, Indiana. Visit for more information.

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