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The Team

The IMAVEX team is a dynamic group of website design and development professionals dedicated to delivering innovative digital solutions. With a diverse range of talents and expertise, they collaborate to create impactful websites and marketing strategies. Rooted in Indiana, the team showcases a deep commitment to their client’s success, blending creativity with technical proficiency. Their collaborative approach is reflected in their cohesive team spirit, aiming to bring each client’s vision to life. With a customer-centric focus, IMAVEX’s team is driven to provide cutting-edge web design, web development, website hosting, and maintenance support solidifying their position as a trusted partner in the digital landscape.

Meet Nash Hadi the President of Imavex. As a partner and employee of 16+ years, Nash works tirelessly for our clients and our team. Nash enjoys being entrepreneurial, golfing and watching sports (especially his kids, the Bears, the Cubs and IU basketball). Nash really enjoys spending time with his wife and two teenagers outside of work. #letsbuild #wordpress #wordpressdevelopment #wordpressdesign #hosting #technology #consulting ...

Meet Amy Campbell, project manager and client success professional at @imavexofficial . Amy loves spending time with her family and her horse Theo. Amongst her many talents and skills, she`s also an art enthusiast. As many of us do, she absolutely loves coffee in the morning(a.k.a her life blood). Amy is glad to assist you and strategize with you on your #wordpress #website. #wordpressdevelopment #wordpressdesign #coffeelover #meettheteam ...

Elizabeth Howard, an @imavexofficial partner, is one of the hardest-working and thoughtful people you will ever meet. She is an avid chef/cook/baker. Some of the ingredients she uses in her recipes come straight from the garden that she enjoys growing each spring. Elizabeth`s favorite activities are spending time with her 3 kids, swimming, long walks, and learning Spanish. In good Indiana fashion, she enjoys playing Euchre with family and friends. Elizabeth keeps @imavexofficial, @gideo.video and @inroads_analytics functioning like well-oiled machines! #wordpress #wordpressdevelopment #wordpresswebsite #wordpressdesign #hardworking #bestofthebest #meettheteam ...

Meet ksutt_24, a fantastic #wordpressdesigner and #wordpressdeveloper. Kristen is very talented and works hard for her clients. She loves hanging out with her family and friends! She`s a connoisseur of good ice cream! She`s excited to be a mother to her new baby girl coming in October. We are excited to celebrate the newest Sutton with her! #wordpress #wordpresswebsite #wordpressdesign #wordpressdevelopment #babygirl #meettheteam ...

Meet Ryan Tuffnell, a skilled #wordpressdeveloper and an avid enthusiast of an active lifestyle. When he`s not crafting websites for imavex clients, you can find him running alongside his loyal companion Kai. Ryan enjoys playing sports and whipping up delicious dishes in the kitchen. #wordpressdesign #wordpressdevelopment #wordpress #letsbuild #meettheteam ...

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Did You Know?

Veggie Lover

Ryan chooses celery over cheesecake any day. I think we can all agree, that he should have his taste buds checked..

Music Shock

Kristen loves music, but has never been to a concert. How can one go 27 years without going to a live concert?!

Game On!

Amy’s favorite part of the day is nerf play fights. You always have to have a nerf gun ready to go in case a coworker starts a war!

Weekend Fun

Nash currently has 2 kids in multiple sports. Every weekend consists of games, games, and more games.

Chirping Visitors

Cary has a bird outside his window that likes to visit every day while he is working. The bird just wants a friend, Cary does not.


Elizabeth used to help run a fireworks store that would sell over 1,000,000 fireworks during July.