Stop wasting your advertising dollars. 

With the competition for brand awareness ever on the rise, it’s not always enough to invest just in SEO. To attract and convert your leads, sometimes you have to pay to play. Search engine marketing (SEM) is here to help.

Whether you want to go the traditional route of paying for placement on the big search engines like Google and Bing or you want to meet your web visitors on social media, SEM lets you engage your audience on your own terms with highly customized messages that promise positive results.

Grow Brand Awareness Exponentially

Google search ads increase brand awareness by 80%. By utilizing even just one search engine, you could multiply your brand awareness all while increasing traffic to your site.

Meet Your Leads on Social Media

More than 2.3 billion people are actively using social media. Keep your brand top of mind by delivering customized messages to your leads on the platforms they love most.

Say Goodbye to Weak Leads

Your ads only get served up to those who meet your keyword and audience specifications, giving you healthy, qualified leads who are eager to engage with you.

Why imavex?

We charge a flat-rate management fee. What does this mean? We don’t determine our management fee based on a percentage of your click spend. We don’t believe in a “commission” type structure when it comes to SEM. We believe in getting you the most for your investment and that means constantly looking at ways to decrease junk leads so you’re only paying for leads that are ready for next steps.

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