Nurture Email Marketing

Accelerate lead engagement with customized and personalized emails

Email is still a powerful medium. In fact, by 2020, more than three billion people will be using email—giving you the ability to connect with almost half of the world’s population through this medium. However, consumers are demanding more personalized and precise messages from brands; general overview communication isn’t enough anymore.

In order to earn the trust of your audience, you have to show that you truly get them—that you understand their needs and wants as well as the pain points that drove them to you. Mass email sends won’t get you that kind of connection. You need segmentation, behavior triggers, and nurturing strategies in place to give each persona within your audience a customized message and experience with your brand.

Hit Every Demographic

Your audience is made up of many different individuals who are seeking out your brand for different reasons. Using segmentation, you impact each segment with a customized message.

Guide Leads Along a Journey

With behavior triggers in place, you can let your audience self-select their own level of engagement with you, greeting them with a personalized message based on their activity.

Build a Lasting Connection

More than 200 billion emails are sent every day. To stand out in flooded inboxes, tailor your emails with dynamic content that shows your leads you understand them.

Why Nurture Email Marketing?

Although email marketing is effective in itself, nurturing is an even more personal way to target your audience. Nurturing removes the “sales” aspect of emails and ensures you end up in your prospect’s inbox at just the right time. Lead gen is dead – we want to nurture those leads into loyal customers for you.

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