Custom Development

For almost 20 years, Imavex has been building, launching and maintaining software for clients in the greater Indianapolis area around the world.   Custom development projects require experienced developers who can make your vision a reality.  Let us guide you through the complex world of custom development.

UI/UX Design

We design clean, user-friendly interfaces for a variety of mediums. Our goal is to create a flawless end-user experience, considering the visitor’s best interest every step of the way. Each custom site is built for your business, with the behaviors and motivations of your visitors in mind. Our UI/UX designers thoughtfully map out the user experience to build effective interfaces across all devices.

Front-End Development

Our developers ensure that each product and user is easy for visitors to read on any device. We apply visual elements and information in an engaging format. This process takes careful planning and implementation, and we convert each concept into a compelling interaction for the user. We use: C, C++, C#, Linux shell (Bash, etc.), Java, PHP, Python, Perl, .NET, HTML, XHTML, JavaScript (browser and node.js, ES6, TypeScript), AJAX, CSS, Objective-C, Go, BrightScript.

Software + Product Development

We started imavex as a technology company in the greater Indianapolis area, and we have over 18 years of experience in software + product development. Our developers code and modify products for every market. We use: PHP/Zend Framework, Android SDK, iOS SDK, Roku SDK, Angular 2+ and AngularJS, node.js (including express), Django, jQuery, and others.

Embrace the Journey

With Imavex as Your Guide.

The digital journey takes people, passion, and a purposeful approach to achieve (real) results. We would love to discuss how we can be your guide.

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