Cultivating The Personality Of A Respected Industry Leader

Posted on August 16, 2017

“Imavex has identified (marketing) areas that we haven’t thought about. They’ve seen growth potential in us and helped us craft our image.”

At the heart of this industrial giant is a pride for hometown roots where all products are developed, engineered, and produced in Lebanon, Indiana.

Z-Spray has built its brand from the ground up, constantly evolving, pushing the innovative limits, listening to its customers, and staying true to one promise through the years: to never compromise on quality. Leveraging their position as a trailblazer in the lawn care industry, Z-Spray is committed to efficiency and building equipment to help their customers transform their green spaces.

Z-Spray initially developed a relationship with Imavex out of their need for a responsive website that would visually communicate their passion and expertise behind their business. They wanted to connect with their audience and convert those connections into tangible business results. Since the completion of their site in 2014, Z-Spray has increased website traffic by 19% through responsive design, quality search engine optimization, and pay-per-click digital marketing services.

Through a continued exploration and identification of Z-Spray’s goals, Imavex uncovered a need for the simplification of the complex. Because of the highly technical details that mark Z-Spray’s products, Imavex was tasked with the quick, visual communication of details that help customers choose Z-Spray over competitors. Out of this, a series of technical product videos was born. Soon after, Z-Spray sought out Imavex to tell their brand story through unique, invigorating messaging and help stylize, rather than just show, their products. 

Though the personality of Z-Spray was there all along, Imavex helps to creatively cultivate the “why” behind the “what”, re-engage old customers, and engage an entirely new profile of clients.



Z-Spray is currently running a simple, yet effective pay-per-click campaign, including a remarketing campaign and two branded search campaigns on Google and Bing. Since the beginning of their campaigns in 2014, we have increased the traffic to their site, year after year. Along with that, we have also increase the amount of sales leads they have received. On top of that, their current leads received in 2017 has already surpassed 2016 and is looking to increase by 35%. These great leaps of growth are due to non-stop optimization, not only to their keywords and bids, but also to their website itself. They have redesigned their website twice and were one of our first major clients to implement a mobile strategy. 
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