City of Noblesville Economic Development

Posted on August 16, 2017

From its initial foundings as a city in 1818, Noblesville has been a hotbed for innovation, fostering the entrepreneurial flame that’s proved to burn bright in residents throughout the years, from first settler William Conner to current Mayor John Ditslear.

In the last 200 years, Noblesville has attracted businesses to make their home here, inspired students in the classroom, and cultivated a system of government marked by integrity and honesty. With a story to tell and a continued impact to make, the City of Noblesville Economic Development approached Imavex with the task of creatively communicating with and pushing a solid brand message to their target audiences.

We got our feet wet with researching various media outlets, brainstorming creative campaigns, and coming up with a marketing mix that would really work. Throughout the years, we have fully planned and executed marketing strategy, bought television and radio media, concepted and designed brand assets, built landing pages, and most recently, completed a series of videos to promote innovation within Noblesville on Inside Indiana Business and various social media platforms.

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