Linkedin isn’t just used for hiring anymore. It’s a platform that offers excellent marketing opportunities for companies of all sizes.

Every company can benefit from a good Linkedin presence but it can be challenging to know where to start.

Without further adieu, here are the 4 steps to success for businesses on Linkedin!

1. Set Up a Company Page

The first step is setting up a company page on Linkedin. This page will serve as your primary page of influence on the platform. Include your company logo and an appealing banner to make the page look professional. Write a thoughtful bio that tells your story and describes core company values. For more info on this process – see this article on Linkedin.

2. Get Employees Involved

People prefer to do business with people, not businesses – and that’s where your employees come in. Encourage all of your employees to create and update their own personal Linkedin profiles. Once complete, they can connect to show their affiliation with your business. This shows potential customers who they are hiring and gives them more confidence in future transactions.

3. Produce Content and Engage

Whether it’s text, blogs, videos or images, try to actively post on your company page. An active social media account is the best way to convey that your business is thriving. Engage with users in your target market to spread brand awareness and consumer trust.

4. Advertise

Advertising on Linkedin can be very beneficial- especially for companies that target consumers based on job title or company affiliation. Linkedin’s pay-per-click model allows you to market to your exact target market based on their Linkedin profile information. This can be especially useful for B2B companies. 

We hope you follow these 4 steps towards a successful Linkedin strategy. For more information on developing a full-scale digital marketing plancheck us out!

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