You’re Ready to show off the new website.


What’s the next Step?


Here are three ways you can drive more traffic to your site:


1. SEO-Driven Blog Posts

Think about what your ideal customer might type into a search engine, and write a blog post answering their industry-related questions. Keep these blog posts engaging, short and easy-to-read. This offers more opportunities to be found by the right people as they search for online resources, which can lead to more sales. Consistent blog posts also position your business as a leader in your industry.

2. CTA’s on Social Media

Most users are familiar with call-to-action phrases. They are a helpful tool to guide your potential customer to engage with your brand.  A successful CTA on social media starts with a thoughtful, quality caption. First, find a way to connect with your brand’s audience by adding value to their feed. People respond to authenticity.  When you’re ready to add a CTA to the end of your post, try phrases like contact us, learn more, download, watch, connect or visit!

3. Google Ads (SEM)

If you’re looking to drive people to your site relatively quickly, SEM is the perfect place to see fast results. Google is a powerhouse, and it is filled with opportunities to expand your reach. Google ads allow you to put your business in front of an audience at the exact moment they are searching for a solution.

The Definitive Guide to Digital Marketing

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