With more than 2.3 billion people actively using social media, and an average of 12 new active social users that join every second, it’s safe to say social media is more powerful than ever.

If your business isn’t social-savvy, you’re going to miss out.

Brands are building enthusiastic audiences across social media platforms – check out Oreo’s playful feed or the cheeky posts over at Arby’s. Think you have to sell something tasty to join in the fun? Not so fast. Edgy visuals, relevant content, and attention-grabbing facts help brands like Mr. CleanGeneral Electric, and MailChip play a strong social game.

So, what’s in it for you? Social media drives targeted traffic to your site and can be a strategic part of your sales funnel – moving a new contact into a customer. Use these 6 tips to do just that:


Your customers are on social media. All you have to do is build the connection. Think about it this way – over 76% of buyers feel ready to have a social media conversation.

When you connect with your audience authentically, it’s easy to start building connections. Answer questions, share relevant content and entertain your followers. Grab their attention by giving concise information that they would want to hear. From hosting webinars and contests to something as simple as sharing gated content, using social media to increase leads has never been easier.


Did you know that you can actually increase traffic to your site with social media? Sharing your best content on social media will drive users to your site, gradually increasing your website’s authority. Make sure to grab your audience’s attention with an eye-catching headline that will interest them to click through to your site for the whole story.


In order to get your website recognized, you need to drive traffic. One way to this is with targeted paid search and advertising on social media. You’d be surprised just how specifically you can target your audience. For example, Facebook Ads can target users based on age, location, level of education, industry, and interests.

Put your message in front of thousands of ideal customers, and a multitude of site visits are only one click away.


In a world filled with billions of people, there are going to be millions of businesses – businesses just like yours. That is why it is important to create strong brand recognition that sets your company ahead of others. You know that your service or product is top-notch, but how are you going to communicate that on social? Keep your posts entertaining, concise, and not overly salesy. The goal here is to stay top-of-mind.

Make yourself stand out from the rest. By doing so, you can become the brand people go to first.

Furthermore, It’s been proven that only 33% of buyers believe what a brand says about itself, while 92% believe what their peers say about a brand. Start building positive brand recognition now, and loyal customers will continue to amplify your efforts.


By establishing brand authority, you build trust with your consumer base. You can create authority by frequently publishing relevant information. Educate your viewers with reliable information, and they will develop a deeper and deeper bond with your brand. And this is in your favor – according to Facebook, people are much more likely to purchase from companies that they feel connected to.


Keep your ear to the ground on social media, and you might just pick up a hot lead. Follow competitors, possible leads, and relevant subjects/topics. Then, be ready to jump in on the conversation with helpful advice promoting your service or product.

Another great way to increase conversations about your brand is responding to comments under your posts. Direct followers’ thoughts and questions back to content on your website and reach out with personal contact information. By responding directly, you show followers that they matter AND you provide a valuable solution.

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