Is your brand’s engagement rate low?

It might be time for a messaging makeover.


Audit Your Digital Platforms 

When it comes to your marketing strategy, you shouldn’t be in the dark about what’s driving results. In the age of email campaigns and social media, there are in-depth analytics at your fingertips. This data allows you to learn about the language and messaging that best resonates with your audience. Look at the statistics on each social media platform, and pay attention to the captions that perform well. Does the language address your customer’s pain points?  Do posts with humor get more engagement? Your brand message doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Measure your success by tracking monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This will give you practical information about which messages in social posts, emails and web pages perform the best. 

Redefine Your Company Values

Many brands start with one mission and find that it evolves over time. The things you valued as a business five years ago might not be the same today. It’s important to reevaluate your company values because these shine through in everything you do — including your marketing message. Wherever your brand is heading, it needs a consistent message.  If it’s too hard for potential customers to figure out what you’re all about, they’ll leave your website. How is your business helping people today? What are the three things you value most? What do your customers say about you? We ask the hard questions and then create a framework for our brand clients to ensure they have consistent messaging across all departments and platforms.

Write With Empathy

When’s the last time you took a walk in your customer’s shoes? If you don’t know what potential customers are struggling with then you won’t know the best way to communicate with them. The digital marketing world can feel oversaturated and robotic, but there are real people behind the screens waiting to find points of connection. Tapping into empathy is one of the best ways to create a message that your customers can connect with. There are plenty of opportunities to hear back from your niche audience and what they are going through in their industry. From social media polls to Facebook groups to online surveys, there are so many better understand your target audience. By truly understanding the heart of the customer and approaching them with empathy, you’ll stand out against your competitors.

At imavex, we’ll help you craft the perfect message for your audience. We build messaging maps to guide your business and help you get to the heart of your message so your brand can communicate better across every single platform. Are you ready for a messaging makeover? Chat with one of our brand specialists, here!


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