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From the beginning

Our Values

Our History

How it all started

It started with a hunch, then a nudge, and ultimately a leap our owners, Gerald Stanley and Steve Burzynski made in 2001 to launch their start-up technology company, imavex.

Why the name imavex?

We are asked this question a lot, and imavex is actually an acronym that Steve and Gerald came up with at the start of the company. Although we have grown and evolved, this acronym tells the story of our roots.

Pronounced (EMMA-VEX)

Why work with us?

Our foundation has always been focused on one thing: the people

Although imavex has evolved over the years, customer service remains the number one priority. In an industry where so many people provide similar services, there’s one thing that always sets imavex apart: people first, service second.

Our experience servicing hundreds of clients across multiple industries

Not only have we been in business for over 18 years, but we’ve also serviced clients across multiple industries and target markets, ranging from small to large in size. We believe every business deserves to be seen no matter the size, so we have package options for businesses ranging from start-ups to 5000+ employees. We know how to get you noticed, but we’re also experts at turning your leads into loyal customers.

Here’s a little history lesson on our company with the “funny name”:

In 2000, Gerald Stanley, a new Taylor University grad, began his first job as a programmer at Whittman Hart, a technology consulting firm that at its peak boasted a market capitalization of $4.47 billion. Steve was a consultant on the company’s collaborative computing side and assigned as Gerald’s mentor. The paths had officially joined as this multi-decade relationship formed and continues.

“When I first met Steve, I would describe him as that happy, free-spirited guy in the office,” accounts Gerald. “Anyone who met and worked with Steve knew he loved people and mostly helping them.” Ask Steve about his first introduction to Gerald and he laughs, “Gerald was the young technologist that everyone asked if I could get to slow down. It was hard to keep him busy because he was always getting things done so quickly and well, that wasn’t good for billing,” Steve added. “That’s what was so impressive early on with Gerald, his talent and bandwidth were awesome.”

The two worked in a mentor/mentee capacity during their tenure with Whittman Hart. With very different personalities and skill sets, they had a synergy that was naturally complementary to one another. In addition to their professional attributes, they were also both believers and shared a common ground in faith. That shared faith continues to be foundational for both Steve and Gerald.

Their roles at Whittman Hart eventually led them to different places and were laid off. In Gerald’s words, “Steve and I kept in touch after leaving Whittman Hart. It was a conversation when Steve just said hey, what do you think about starting something up together? At this point I was out of work and was pretty much a matter of hey, I’ll work for food!”

Steve and Gerald both had a great pulse on technology and knew there was an opportunity in the custom web software/development and design space. They began reaching out to work on projects with interactive media, flash and macromedia animations. Fast-forward 18 years and they’ve now built a technology + marketing company that once began in a garage and is now thriving downtown Fishers.

“Imavex is truly a partner in our efforts to effectively and efficiently reach our audience.”

-Ashley Elrod

“My company utilized imavex to rebrand and redesign our website and image. They were very helpful and came up with branding that…”

-Sandy Pederson

“I have been a client for 5 years and I’m not going anywhere!”

-Carey Gaw

“IMAVEX is a great organization. It has been a pleasure to work with them and they have significantly helped…”

-Suzy Roth

“Imavex provides a quality product with wonderful people. They have an incredible group of talent and…”

-Ana Whetstone

“I am very appreciative of IMAVEX since I started my company and have been with them since 2009. We are actually doing an entire redesign…”

-Thad Miller