Websites That Make Our Clients “Beyond Thrilled” - Client Spotlight: Bridget Foust

Websites That Make Our Clients “Beyond Thrilled” - Client Spotlight: Bridget Foust

Posted on August 07, 2018

Websites That Make Our Clients “Beyond Thrilled” - Client Spotlight: Bridget Foust
The truth is, a website is one of the most, if not the most, important marketing tools for your business. You could have the best social media presence or an ad in the back of a newspaper,  but those will all point to your website!

Bridget Foust
Bridget Foust is an experienced trial lawyer in Grant County, Indiana. She is a council who advocates for and represents clients with a variety of legal issues. While working closely with her, we rapidly learned that she is intelligent, hard-working and strong. As one of the only women practicing in her area, she wanted her new website to convey an image of power, reliability and trust. She wanted a website where people would say “this lawyer will advocate for me and my situation competently and to the fullest extent.”

The Problem

The problem was not having a website!

It is very important for lawyers, accountants, engineers and even teachers to build their personal platform. Potential clients like to learn about them, their experience, and find a way to get in touch with them. Bridget wanted to expand her online presence in order to help market her services and increase her clientele. She needed her own platform. Moreover, she needed a way to speed up the process of meeting potential clients for the first time.

The Solution
Over the last couple of months, Bridget Foust sat down with imavex and worked on a strategy for her new website. The goal was to create a website that ranks well and stands out from the competition.

Imavex assisted Bridget in creating and implementing a website, developing a winning marketing message, and writing website and brand content. The imavex team helped plan and design pages for optimal user flow and to lead potential clients to call or complete a contact form. In Bridget’s industry, clients need quick and reliable service. Her new website also helps her receive more information from potential clients by requesting that they fill out an online form. That way, from the first point of contact, Bridget’s team already has the prospective client’s background information on their system!

Her Success, Our Success
Bridget Foust is “beyond thrilled” to have her own website now. Since having this website, her practice has benefited by reaching potential clients she might not have gained otherwise. In Bridget’s own words; “Today everything is technology driven, and a website allows a face to a name and helps me get a little insight into how I can be of help. I researched several companies and at the end of the day I could not have chosen a better company to work with than imavex. They took time to get to know me and help convey who I am and what I seek to accomplish in my website.”


Need help setting up a website for your business? If you haven’t created a website for your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out - we would love to work with you!


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