Product Power Brought To Life

Product Power Brought To Life

Posted on June 28, 2017

Z-Spray, an L.T. Rich Company, came to Imavex with a need to redesign their product website.  A company with machines that take on a bold personality, is that-- a company with big, complex, commercial lawn mowers, aerators, and snowblowers.  


On their very new (and beautiful) website, they state that you can trace their roots back to the days of pulling horses, pushing spreaders, and operating walk-behind aerators.  


As our lives have embraced innovation and technology, so have our friends at L.T. Rich/ Z-Spray. Since 1999, this company has developed numerous products to help industry professionals minimize labor and maximize productivity within the commercial lawn and landscaping industries.  


Z-Spray products sit within key segments like aerators, sprayers, and walk behinds. These robust (to say the least) and innovative products are all developed, engineered, and manufactured right here in the Hoosier State (Lebanon, IN, to be exact).  


The products and the Z-Spray story are solid. The Imavex Team was tasked with making these products come to life on the new site, better positioning the company to grow into new market verticals, and enhancing overall company sales.  


We asked our client, Ryan Naylor, Marketing Director for LT Rich Products, to share his perspective on how the new has impacted their business.  Here’s our conversation.


Question: How has the new site better positioned Z-Spray?
Answer:  “I can share three huge improvements with the new site Imavex designed/developed for us.”


#1: Navigation:  “When we moved to the new site structure we saw a large increase in time on site and pages viewed.


#2:  User Experience: “Users have a better idea of what’s next as they navigate through the site. When comparing machines and attachments they’re able to easily move throughout the site and get the information they need.  The site is now structured in such a way that each page anticipates questions the user might have next.  The new site is perceived more as a source of information in addition to being used as a sales tool.  We’ve seen a large increase in inquiries--not only sales, but parts, service, and dealer inquiries.”


#3. Brand Presence:  “Visually, the site reflects our company and how we want to be perceived.  When I described the company and how I wanted it to be viewed on the site, the end result was exactly what I was hoping to see.”

Question:  What type of increase in site traffic have you experienced?
Answer: “Our site traffic has increased across the board.  We’ve seen 20-30% increase from this time last year in sessions, users, page views, pages sessions.  We’ve experienced record usage each month since launching the new site.”  


Ryan added they have seen a large increase in leads and inquiries since the new site design/content launched.  They also have noticed an increase in mobile usage and the phone icon to call direct is making a great impact.  


Question:  How has photography on the new site brought life to your content?
Answer:  “It was a great decision to use professional photography for the new site.  Photos showcase the products much better than provided previously.  I was able to describe what we wanted to convey in the photos and received exactly what we were hoping to see.”

What’s next for Z Spray? Imavex is now working with Ryan and his team to produce and promote a series of videos to best tell the Z Spray story, including the people and products that represent this power brand.  Stay tuned for the videos, until then learn more about LT Rich Products, and Z Spray at  
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