Imavex The Move Part 2:  Looking Back. Moving Forward.

Imavex The Move Part 2: Looking Back. Moving Forward.

Posted on March 08, 2018
It’s our last week at 9615 E. 148th Street. Everyone is super excited about moving into the new space, but we all find ourselves thinking about moments here before all is packed. Places and the people in them always give us an association with a feeling. We think about how many hours we’ve spent in that conference room, or how many times we’ve yelled at the Keurig for not working, and the smells from a collective use of the microwave. Side note: There will be no fish or brussel sprouts for lunch in the new office kitchen. No one has any appreciation for those lingering scents. But seriously, there were great times in this office building.

As a company, Imavex grew and achieved great wins while in this space. Let’s not forget about the talented people who walked through these doors and contributed to Imavex. Our people are what really made this office the work home that we’re closing this chapter on as we launch the next. We wanted to share what some of our Imavex(ers) are looking back on this week and what they’re pumped about for the new space.

Evan Reller, Front End Developer
Looking Back:   “For me this was a career transition and kind of my first office job. So coming here was sort of the culmination of a lot of hard work and big changes in my life.”

Moving Forward:  “Being at the center of a very quickly growing community, especially in the tech world. It will also be really nice to walk to lunch with all the great places nearby.”

Nash Hadi, Account Executive
Looking Back: “Playing basketball on the hoop, and watching it expand from the small space with 11 people to where it is now.”

Moving Forward: “All the places to walk to for lunch, and the windows in the new space.”

Elizabeth Howard, Office Manager
Looking Back:  “I remember the 10th anniversary party when we set up a race car track set up and had a tournament. It was a blast!”

Moving Forward: “I am looking forward to all of the new businesses around us. There will be lots of action going on all of the time. Hopefully, we will be able to feed off of each other. I enjoy being part of a community and I feel we will have that there.”

Kate Boxell, SEO/Content Specialist
Looking Back: “Eating lunch outside — particularly the time a bee took off with a piece of Katana’s chicken!”

Moving Forward: “Working up on the roof in nice weather!”

We’ll get back to our packing and will soon share a hello from the new Imavex Office located at 8770 North Street in Fishers. I’m sure some of us will take some time to shoot a few hoops in the cafegymatorium before we head out.
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