5 Ways to Leverage Your Brand's Story

5 Ways to Leverage Your Brand's Story

Posted on July 24, 2018
So, you have a beautiful website. Itís fast, user-friendly and looks amazing. But still, youíre having trouble engaging visitors. Your bounce rate is higher than you would like and your website isnít generating as many leads as you thought it would. Chances are, the copy on your webpage is the weak link. If you transform your copy into a story, you are more likely to engage converting customers. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

1. Know your Audience
Stop talking about yourself - start talking about your customer. When a prospective customer comes to your website, theyíre looking for something. Whether itís information to help them solve a problem or a product that helps them thrive, each of your customers has a point of need that they are looking to resolve with your help. Make sure that your webcopy puts the customer in the driverís seat and immediately defines the problem that you help your customers solve. They are the star, and you are the one helping them succeed.

2. Simplify Your Message
When a customer comes to your website, do they know what you offer in 5 seconds or less? If not, youíre missing out on business. In his book, "Building a Story Brand," Donald Miller instructs that your website should answer the following three questions: What do you offer? How will it make my life better? What do I need to do to buy it? Do a quick content audit of your homepage. If the answers to those three questions arenít glaringly obvious, you need to make some changes.

3. Use Video
In an increasingly visual world, video is sure way to capture your audienceís attention. A short video can highlight what you do for customers in a way that is both engaging and fun. Donít be afraid to get creative, just make sure your video presents a simple message as outlined above.

4. Create Calls to Action
Without calls to action, your customer may not know how to take the next step after visiting your homepage. First, define what action you want your customer to complete. Whether itís calling for more information, filling out a form or placing an order, make sure to clearly outline the steps that will take your customer from start to finish.

5. Map Success
Give customers a picture of what their happy ending will look like. This is your chance to celebrate the difference your company makes in the lives of your customers! Once they see how much they have to gain from choosing your services and/or products, they will be excited to jump on board.

How will you tell your story? Incorporating these tips will help you engage visitors on your homepage. More importantly, it will turn website visitors into converting customers. We love helping clients tell their stories - if youíre looking to hone your own brand story, we want to help! Donít hesitate to reach out.
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