Troon Privé; Helping Golfers onto Private Troon Courses

February 5th 2010 -

IMAVEX, LLC of Indianapolis an Internet marketing and web design company has designed and launched the new Troon Privé to design

Troon Privé Privilege

The Troon Privé program is designed to give golfers the chance to play any participating private Troon golf course for the host club's cart fee. Members are allowed to bring up to 3 guests who will also receive this benefit.

Some amazing courses are participating in this program ranging in extremes of geography, scenery, and experience. For example, the Quintero Golf & Country Club in Peoria, Arizona features exquisite desert views while the The Ocean Edge Resort and Club in Brewster, Massachusetts with its Cape Cod views and northern feel, this program offers manifold golfing experiences. If you are interested in being wowed by a variety of amazing golf courses, this is an opportunity you will not want to pass up.


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