IMAVEX Golf Team Takes Runner-Up in Annual Indiana Golf Association Sponsor/Media Event

May 3rd 2007 - Indianapolis web design company, IMAVEX LLC, a leading provider of interactive website solutions and Internet marketing products and services to the golf industry took home runner-up honors in this year's Indiana Golf Association Sponsor/Media best ball tournament.  IMAVEX is a proud sponsor of the Indiana Golf Association, Indiana Section PGA, Indiana Golf Foundation and Indiana Women's Golf Association.

The IMAVEX team consisted of Steve Burzynski, Peter Hart, Ryan Mull and John Andrews (IUPUI Golf Coach).  The winning team was from Page & Tuttle and posted a 54 while the IMAVEX team posted a 55 (just 1 stroke off the pace).

"It was a blast and an amazing to see how it just worked for us today," said IMAVEX Partner Steve Burzynski.  "Just as someone's game fell apart, someone else's picked right up to fill in the gap."

One of the highlight's of the day was a 60 yard chip in by Peter Hart (his fourth in a row while golfing with IMAVEX Partner Ryan Mull).  Another note-worthy shot was by Steve Burzynski who had a ball completely submerged underground (in mud) and was instructed by IUPUI Golf Coach John Andrews to "tomahawk" the ball and guaranteed it would come right out of there.  Steve executed the shot perfectly and landed the ball in the center of the green.  Pete Hart said "I thought he hit a rock.  It made a huge 'crack' sound and a big pile of mud came flying out and in the middle was the golf ball.  Unbelievable."

About Imavex
Imavex, LLC is a leading provider of interactive web solutions and Internet marketing products and services. Imavex helps companies and organizations to dynamically manage their web presence while providing a catalyst to promote and market their company. Imavex is headquartered in Noblesville, Indiana.

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