ADS Cabinets Get A New Website Design

August 2nd 2010 -

One day, ADS Cabinets took a look at their website and decided it was time for a change. They had been using the same design for a while, and thought it was time for a face lift. They approached IMAVEX, their trusted web provider, and decided to go with a new design. After a few changes here and there, ADS Cabinets launched their new website. It is an improvement from their old site, offering a much wider design and newer more brand consistent colors. On this new site you can find photo galleries, a list of their products and services, even a list of testimonials from previous clients of theirs. This new site is packed with great information.

Who is ADS Cabinets?

ADS Cabinets are located in Indianapolis, Indiana and specialize in custom kitchen cabinet design as well as offering a wide range of counter top options including granite, quartz, solid surface, and laminate. They also offer full custom, semi-custom, and stock cabinet in an effort to fit any and every budget. But the good news doesn't stop there. They also provide the greater Indianapolis area with a wide selection of decorative hardware, locusts, and bathroom accessories.

It seems the work they do is paying off as well. On their newly designed website, you can see a long list of testimonials from previous clients of theirs. For instance, Lana Russel said, "I would highly recommend Carol to anyone considering a remodel or new construction." This just goes to show that not only does the work that ADS Cabinets provide make current clients happy, they are ready to spread the word about the work they have received.

Make sure you take a look at the new ADS Cabinets website and keep them in mind for your cabinetry needs.


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