Southern Food Systems is Commited to Your Success

November 12th 2010 -

I hope you are hungry! We are pleased to announce a recent search engine marketing campaign launch for Southern Food Systems.

The folks at Southern Food Systems are experts in successful food service programs. I am sure you have seen their products before and never realized it. One thing they do offer is pretty hard to beat. They offer free consultations and free product training on all of their products. That is something rare to find when it comes to the food service industry. If you use one of their products take advantage of this if you can.

Southern Food Systems has been around since 1971 offering several years of experience. They also offer the most complete list of non-franchise quick service restaurants in the Midwest. It is tough to drive down any major interstate an not see a Charley Biggs sign somewhere.

Rotisseries For Chicken

Rotisseries arenít just for chickens anymore. Southern Food Systems will demonstrate the many different applications for your equipment. They are distributors for Charley Biggs Products, Smokaroma, BKI, and Electro Freeze. The list of companies they work with is always growing.

When you invest in equipment from Southern Food Systems you are not just getting equipment, you are getting years of experience in food services. Call 888-473-0553 today to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about the products and equipment they can assist you with. Southern Food Systems is committed to your success.


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