IMAVEX, LLC is now on Twitter and Facebook

October 1st 2009 -

In the last few weeks Facebook, an online social networking site that brings people together all over the globe, has hit a staggering total of over 300,000,000 active users. More impressive than that number is the fact that 70% of those people come from outside the United States. The website has slowly grown from a way to connect college students to being able to promote services and products for businesses on an international scale.

IMAVEX, LLC on Facebook

IMAVEX has recognized the potential of Facebook and has recently created a business fan page. On this fan page users can see testimonials from clients, client image collections, as well as overviews on these companies. Also listed are images from the office of IMAVEX as well as recent news and new site launches. IMAVEX treats Facebook as a way to share new happenings, successes and interesting information as well as a way to learn more about their clients. You can view more on the IMAVEX Facebook page by clicking here.

IMAVEX, LLC on Twitter

IMAVEX has also started taking advantage of the popular social networking site Twitter. On Twitter IMAVEX is limited to only 140 characters, but still has the ability to share the same types of information as they do on Facebook. Twitter has become an engaging tool for individuals and businesses alike both for clients and potential clients. On The IMAVEX Twitter page you will find new site launches, client testimonials, links to related industry articles from a variety of trusted sources, as well as inner office successes such as birthdays and new hires. If you would like to see more and to follow IMAVEX on Twitter please click here.

IMAVEX sees that these tools are not a fad and that each one is equally important to sharing information and learning about its clients and its client's clients. The ability to establish one-on-one line of communication with anyone and everyone with the click of a mouse is a powerful tool that IMAVEX is taking advantage of. Find IMAVEX today on these two social media sites.


IMAVEX is a leading provider of interactive websites and Internet marketing solutions designed primarily for small and medium sized businesses. IMAVEX promotes business websites through their Search Engine Marketing expertise by utilizing a technique known as pay-per-click advertising and optimizing a website for search engines. IMAVEX is a Google AdWords certified company and utilizes the latest in tracking tools to understand and improve Internet marketing campaigns.

IMAVEX maintains a client base of over twelve hundred organizations, businesses, and golf clubs worldwide. IMAVEX is based in Noblesville, Indiana, which is a suburb of Indianapolis. Select link for more information about IMAVEX, LLC.