Golf Infuzion Launches New Site

March 15th 2011 -

Just in Time for Masters week, Golf Infuzion has launched a new site. The concept of Golf Infuzion is simple, provide readers (not just golfers) with all of the updated equipment news, nutritional training, strength training, and more. There are some top-notch instructors on staff helping produce the content for this online magazine, a magazine which you can download for free on the website.

Mike Bury is the man behind scenes for Golf Infuzion, and has worked extremely hard getting the website in order for the launch of this new project. Some of the other folks that he is working with on this project include:

  • Steve Bann
  • Henry Brunton
  • Jason Guss
  • Jeff Ritter
  • Kevin Smeltz
  • Trill Sellera
  • Cameron McCormick

Each one of these instructors has a unique specialty that makes him or her a perfect fit for for this project. But it doesnít stop there.

They have taken the magazine social. Golf Infuzion has started an immediately successful Facebook campaign, as well as a Twitter campaign that is helping keep folks educated and informed about all of the content on these digital pages. There is even an RSS feed on the new website so you can stay up to date right from your feed reader.

Still not satisfied? Then download the official podcast either from the website or from iTunes. The amount of information that Golf Infuzion is throwing at you is unreal, and they are using the iWorksite solution to drive this verbiage. The process wasnít easy, but now that the magazine has launched, itís time to start getting into shape and making more birdies.

Did I mention they also have a poll on the website that allows you to answer questions random on a regular basis? Go ahead, try it out. Itís fun!

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