Credit Card Relief Now Helping You Get out of Debt

October 7th 2010 -

We are excited for the release of a new search engine marketing campaign for Credit Card Relief Now. CCRnow is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and they offer a wide range of debt relief solutions and debt relief programs.

Who is CCRnow?

CCRnow is an attorney driven program to help people legally get out of debt without declaring bankruptcy. With their program, they settle most of the credit card debt for anywhere between 65% - 75%.

Why CCRnow?

This is not bankruptcy or consumer credit counseling, this is the original Credit Card Relief™ program. All prospective clients are assigned a Local Participating Program Attorney who reviews every file before admission to the program.

We want to make sure that this program and more importantly the solution prepared for your family’s financial situation is right for you.

The CCRnow Process

With offices nationwide and our corporate offices in Indianapolis, IN, call us today for more information. It's free, confidential and no obligation credit analysis.

  • Get out of debt in months instead of years
  • Save thousands in interest, late fees, over limit fees
  • One convenient monthly payment
  • National Bank serves as independent trustee
  • First Attorney Driven Program in the country
  • We've settled over $150 million in debt

The CCRnow Pledge

We pledge and promise to you that your funds are completely safe and are only handled and held by the third-party insured independent Trustee, a National Bank.

Our entire professional staff and Local Participating Program Attorney's are fully committed to the highest levels of professionalism and client care. "We will do everything possible to ensure your success!"

Note that not all debt relief solutions and debt relieve programs are available in all states. Please call 877-450-1819 to learn if your state is eligible for continued service.


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