IMAVEX Web Design Launches Site for Off The Streets

August 20th 2008 - Indianapolis Internet marketing and web design firm, IMAVEX LLC, based in Noblesville, Indiana, a leading provider of interactive website solutions and Internet marketing products and services, was selected by Off The Streets to launch

Off The Streets

When you see a homeless person -- what thoughts race through your mind?  For a lot of people it's probably "They should get a job."  Guilty?  You're not alone.  In a lot of peoples' minds, it probably seems really simple to be able to get off the streets.

But maybe we're wrong.  Maybe it's not that easy.  Maybe we just don't understand.

The idea behind Off The Streets is to expose people to the truth of homelessness.  And they're doing this by putting on a show -- literally.

Off The Streets is a professional theater group for the homeless.  Cast members, in different stages of homelessness, travel the country performing a play to educate audiences about homelessness, addiction and life on the streets.  And in the process of doing this the cast rebuilds and repairs their own self esteem, commit themselves to sobriety, try to reconnect with their families and faith, and earn money to rebuild themselves financially.

The show aims to increase mutual understanding.  And maybe that will change mindsets.  So, instead of thinking "They should get a job" when you see a homeless person, you'll wonder "How did they get here?," "What happened in their life?,"  or "What would I do if it were me?"

If you would like schedule a performance of Off The Streets in your area, simply click HERE.  Or to see currently scheduled performances, click HERE.

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