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Indianapolis Law Office Selects Noblesville Web Design Firm for Website
June 19th 2007 - Indianapolis Internet marketing and web design firm, IMAVEX
LLC, based in Noblesville, Indiana, a leading provider of interactive
solutions and Internet marketing products and services, was selected by Benkie & Crawford Law Office.

The Indianapolis, Indiana Law Office Firm of Benkie & Crawford has
handled many significant, high profile cases and strives to provide
vigorous representation in numerous areas of practice, including but
not limited to serious personal injury and business litigation. The
attorneys at Benkie & Crawford litigate serious injury and wrongful
death cases caused
by automobile collisions, dangerous products, medical malpractice and a
variety of other causes. The attorneys of Benkie & Crawford have
over 32 years of
combined experience dealing with injury cases.

About Imavex

IMAVEX, LLC is a leading provider of
interactive web solutions and Internet marketing products and services.
Imavex helps companies and organizations to dynamically manage their
web presence while providing a catalyst to promote and market their
company. In addition, Imavex provides industry leading search engine
marketing and optimization services to drive pre-qualified users to
their clients’ web presence, and then turn them into paying customers.
Imavex is headquartered in Noblesville, Indiana. Visit for more information.
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