The Ever-Changing Landscape of Talent Acquisition Marketing

Now Hiring! That’s a phrase that a lot of people and companies are hearing these days. Many companies are wondering why they aren’t finding quality or qualified candidates for their open positions. Some think it may be due to the economy, or perhaps there’s just not enough qualified people with a certain skillset in the workforce. However, most of the time a company is struggling with recruiting candidates is because they don’t grasp that recruitment/talent acquisition’s landscape is changing.
Gone are the days where you can place an ad in the newspaper or on a job board and expect 20 to 30 people to apply for a job. Instead, recruiters and HR personnel are quickly learning that marketing has become the key to qualified candidates. Currently, the unemployment rate is at an all-time low. Meaning that the candidates in your area are already working for someone else. As a company and a brand, you must make sure you know how to properly market your company and culture.
A Multi-Media Strategy is Key
Companies that are hiring for highly sought-after positions like CDL drivers, nurses, teachers, etc., need to brand in order to set themselves apart from the competition. When there are hundreds of other companies in your area searching for the same candidates, you need to be serious about showing them why they should work for you. This means that you need to diversify your strategy by having a consistent hiring message across your current mediums, while at the same time seeking out new and relevant media platforms that your candidates may be on.
For example, instead using all your recruiting budget on job boards (CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, or Monster) and hoping people apply, place those dollars on platforms such as Facebook or Google AdWords. Now you may be asking, “Why would I use Google AdWords for recruiting?” Well, the answer is rather simple, when you consider the fact that 84% of job candidates start their job search by using Google and then proceed from there. With that in mind, it makes sense to have your company show up for job searches so you can capture that traffic.

The final piece to this puzzle is making sure that your content - paid and unpaid - are not only consistent with each other, but also work together as a interconnected marketing strategy. If you have recruitment ads running on Facebook, then you need to make sure that if someone clicks on the ad they will be directed to a mobile-friendly, responsive site that has consistent and relevant content. Make sure there is a clear call-to-action where users can submit a form about job interest.
So, the next time you or your company is hiring, try to be open to new avenues and technology. The great thing about digital recruitment is that there are metrics that gauge your ROI and allow you to see real-time results.
Here at imavex, we are a digital marketing powerhouse who would love to collaborate with your business to help you reach the candidates you want. Contact us today for more information!
Jesse Sallee works as a Digital Marketing Specialist in the Digital Marketing department.

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