The Importance of Ad Extensions

The Importance of Ad Extensions

Posted on August 19, 2016
You’ve spent hours fine-tuning your location targeting, adding your keywords, creating your ads, and you’re ready to set this Adwords campaign live! You flip through the tabs double checking for omissions when, wait a minute…WHAT ARE THOSE?!?! Unfortunately, I’m not talking about a bad pair of tennies, I’m talking about ad extensions.

As a resident Imavex Digital Marketing Professional, trust me, I know how you feel. So often, ad extensions are swept under the proverbial rug during the setup process. I had always viewed ad extensions as the accessories to a nice outfit before a night on the town. Are the hoop earrings and bangle bracelets going to make it or break it for me? After a month long case study in the Imavex office, I’m here to tell you it’s time to break out the costume jewelry.

To give you a touch of backstory, Imavex has been in the Indianapolis digital marketing space for the better part of a decade, and we now serve clients all around the globe. Throughout my tenure, the importance of ad extensions has always been stressed to not only the Digital Marketing Team, but also to our valued clients. Every so often we like to run some experiments to support our expertise (*fingers crossed emoji*), and what better way to evaluate something than to put it to the test and let the numbers speak for themselves?

For an entire month, we took an existing, internal campaign and changed nothing but the presence of ad extensions. We used the same settings, keywords, ads and bids for the entire month and compared the second half of the month (ad extensions) to the first half of the month (no ad extensions). See below to view the difference ad extensions actually made.

It’s clear that ad extensions are indeed still relevant. Every statistical category improved in the second half of the month, especially the CTR and clicks. The moral of the story is that more people were inclined to act when viewing the ads with ad extensions, whether that’s due to credibility or value (sitelinks, structured snippets, callouts), convenience (call & location extensions), or any combination of the three.

In fact, the only outlier from the statistics above is the increase in CPC, even though bids remained placed at $3.00 for the length of the experiment. Thanks, Obama.

On a serious note, if you haven’t gone through your ad extensions in awhile, I would strongly recommend it. My personal advice is to put some thought into them as well. There’s nothing unique about using “Contact Us, Meet The Team, etc.” for your sitelinks. The ultimate goal of ad extensions is to give you more real estate on the SERP, so do your best to make every line of text count.

​If you have questions about what to include in your ad extensions or how to see if they’re being utilized effectively in your campaign, please reach out to our team at Also, please comment below with your own thoughts. We love to engage with real people.

Derek Miller is the Director of Digital Marketing at imavex.
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