Introducing Google Analytics Premium

The team at Google Analytics recently launched a brand-new, upgraded version of their platform designed to cater to the needs of corporations and other large entities that monitor and analyze their web traffic. Google Analytics Premium, as the new version is called, is an annual fee-based tool that offers much more than the standard, free version.

In the process of developing the tool, Google worked with large companies with advanced analytics needs like Travelocity and eHarmony to come up with a platform focused on four pillars: ďmore data, advanced tools, dedicated support, and guarantees.Ē With Google Analytics Premium, users will have access to greater customization and testing, faster and more frequent data collection, dedicated support, and many more great features.

It is difficult to say what kind of value this platform will ultimately deliver to companies that choose to leverage it. However, Google Analytics Premium will probably have a big impact on the more limited, free version of Analytics that Google offers to everyone else. Itís quite possible that Google will begin adding more and more advanced features based on whatís been implemented in the premium version.

For search engine marketers, itís easy to get excited about the direct support that Google will now be offering for Google Analytics. Perhaps the most interesting feature isnít so much the live support, but the data modeling included in Google Analytics Premium. Models are already critical to many enterprises for improving efficiencies and generating better results throughout their organization. A feature like that, if made available to the average website owner could have a huge impact on the landscape of Internet marketing as a whole. However only time will tell what companies will be able to do with better data.

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