Designing & Implementing a Custom Twitter Background

How do you make your Twitter page more consistent with your website? Easy, you design a custom Twitter background. Before you get too involved though, make sure you are aware of the new Twitter interface. It has recently changed, therefore changing the way custom backgrounds looks and how they are to be designed.

Before, you had a ton of space on either side of the Twitter dashboard. But now, that space has been narrowed due to a user-friendlier interface. But the custom background is still important, if nothing else for brand recognition.

Designing a Background

When you set out to design your custom background, there are few directions you can take. If you have access to a photo editing software, like Adobe Photoshop, give it try for yourself. Begin playing around with the layers and see if you canít come up with something that fits your overall design.

If you would rather rely on an expert to design your background, we can help. Once we have seen your website our professional design team will take the overall design and feel from your current site and design a custom background to fit your overall brand message.

Once you have your Twitter background in hand, it is a simple process implementing that design onto your Twitter page. The steps to implementing your custom Twitter background design include:

  1. Place the design on your desktop. The design will be JPEG that has been saved for web.
  2. Log in to your Twitter account.
  3. At the very top of the screen, click on Profile.
  4. You are now on your public profile page. Just below your image and biography information, click on Edit Your Profile.
  5. Click on Design.
  6. Click on Change Background Image.
  7. Browse your machine and find the image you wish to use for the background.
  8. Click on Change Design Colors.
  9. Change the following to suite the overall look of your background:
    • Background
    • Text
    • Links
    • Sidebar
    • Sidebar Border
    • Click save changes and enjoy your new custom background!

If you have issues with getting it to look right, you can change the background as many times as you wish. Just repeat this process until you are satisfied. We have designed and implemented over 100 custom Twitter backgrounds here at IMAVEX.

Background Size Restrictions

With the old Twitter background, you had around 235-250 pixels to work with. But with the new interface, you have less than 150 pixels to work with. That being said, try not to squeeze so much information on the left and right hand sides, just give the user something visually appearing when he or she visits you online.

Do you have a custom Twitter background?

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