Completed Projects for December 2010

Happy New Year from all of us here at IMAVEX! We hope all of you are back to work and ready to make 2011 your best year yet.

We had a great month in December here at IMAVEX. The month of December was not as busy as other months in 2010, but we managed to launch a bunch of new websites and release a handful of new enhancements for our clients and potential clients.

Search Engine Marketing

In December we launched a new search engine marketing campaign for Glenbrook Hyundai. This campaign is being fully managed and went live on December 1st.

Custom Development & New Features

We are always trying to make what we already offer our clients better. We obsess over adding value to all of our potential and current customers in an effort to make the best possible product on the market today. In the month of December we made a handful of enhancements to our blog solution. One of those is the meta tag builder.

On all created pages within iWorksite and ClubWorksite you can utilize the meta tag builder to aid in your organic search engine optimization. That being said, we added this to our blog solution so now each and every blog that you publish can have all of this vital information associated with it. Keywords (also known as meta tags on some blogging solutions) are vital to the search results your website and blog get.

Website Projects

December was a big month for golf related websites. We launched a handful of sites for golf courses, both public and private facilities, and even for some PGA teaching professionals. Below is a complete list to all of the websites we launched in December of 2010.

  • Pronghorn Golf Club
  • Philadelphia Sport & Social Club
  • D-Mark, Inc.
  • Foss Park Golf Club
  • Spring Ford Country Club
  • Sun City Country Club
  • Bill Davis
  • ProAccounting Talent, LLC.

Other Web Related Projects

We also had a handful of other web related projects go live in December. One of those (or should I say twenty-one of those) was a mobile site for EZLinks. We are happy to be so heavily involved in the EZLinks solution and these mobile sites are great values add to our customers.

We also worked on an Innovative Home Solutions California redesign. At the same time we wrapped up an Innovative Home Solutions redesign for their Colorado division. They are running extremely successful campaigns in various geographical locations and their work with us her been key to that success.

We even dished out a logo design for Sullivan Commercial. Be on the look out for more logo designs in the coming months.

As you can see, December was a great month here at IMAVEX. We hope you had a good month, enjoyed your holiday season, and we look forward to a great year here at IMAVEX.

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