Being Heard Among The Noise

Being Heard Among The Noise

Posted on April 17, 2017
In our ever-evolving digital world, there is more noise than any of us can truly consume. As marketers it makes the duty of developing content that is heard even more invaluable. So what does this mean? Position content that exists on your website and social media pages to be intentional and strategic.

#1: Understand Your Audience
You know your target audience, but take the time to document this audience by outlining who is viewing your site and social pages. Think about how they are getting to you and what are they looking for when they are there. Often business owners and marketers can get tied up in what they want to say about a product or service and it then becomes too generic for the intended audience. Play the role of your ideal client and write your website copy and digital content with a tone that guides them to discover why they need you.

#2: Create/Develop Content That Is Concise and Visual
Designers know that websites that load too slowly lose the viewer in less than 5 seconds. This has also become true for content you are asking your viewers to read on your website or social pages. We’re all distracted, busy and looking at multiple open tabs on our devices. Communicate directly with less words and more call to action. Your content should take your viewer down a specific path and engage with an action that keeps them connected. Don’t rely only on words to tell your story or sell your product or service. Show off how it works with video and share a direct experience that someone else had. Data tells us that nearly 60% of executive decision makers would rather watch video that read content. Even stronger data shares that 90%+ say they find product videos helpful in the decision making process. I don’t know about you, but that is a trend that cannot be ignored.

#3: Make It Easy for Your Audience to Connect with Your Content Through Use of CTAs
When our team is designing and building a website or producing a video, our first question is, “How are we driving visitors to the content and what are we asking them to do?” Create your content to quickly and directly communicate your point and make sure you are creating a call-to-action to engage with them in this moment. “Learn More,” “Let’s Talk,” “View Product Features,” these action call-outs give your viewer a next step and one that is closer to becoming your customer. Use forms and analytics to then review the path they took to get there.

#4: Constantly Create Content is Not a “One-and-Done” Approach in Today’s Digital Landscape
Your customers and potential customers want more and want it all of the time. Identify the pace you can create, publish and promote your content. Creating a strategy with a timeline helps to stay on track and make each piece count. You hear the term “content calendar” often, and because it is a workflow tool that is more important than can be summarized in this blog entry.

#5: Ask New Customers How Your Content Cut Through The Noise?
The end goal for creating and positioning content is making that connection, and converting that potential customer into a customer-- a relationship. Ask your new clients what made you heard through all of the noise. What about your content cut through the clutter and made the connection that is now a relationship you value and will work to grow. Asking that question may be the most important part of the process. Want to talk about how content can impact your marketing journey? Connect with me directly,

​Keriann Rich works to creatively connect clients with their target audience as the Director of Client & Agency Services. 
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