The Skinny On Why Email Marketing Still Works

The Skinny On Why Email Marketing Still Works

Posted on September 26, 2016

Youíve got mail. Crazy enough Iím one of the older members (hey, Iím really not old) of Team Imavex, old enough to remember the iconic ďYouíve Got MailĒ voice that created the experience of getting email. My first email account was actually in college and Iím pretty sure I could run to the kitchen to grab a snack before my inbox fully loaded. But, wow--- hearing the words ďYouíve Got MailĒ made it so exciting. Enough so that Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks had a pretty blockbuster romantic comedy centered around it. So why reminisce about the beginning of email and its catch phrase?

In 2016, with our abundance of channels and platforms to connect with audiences instantaneously, email continues to be the highest form of conversion. So how can you use it better to drive engagement and convert loyalists to your brand? What We Know The marketing automation platform GetResponseís 2016 State of Email shares that for every $1 invested, email marketing generates an average return of $38. In their words ďthatís a 3,700% ROI, which explains why ó according to the same report ó 57% of marketers planned to increase their email marketing budget in 2016.Ē

Why Email Still Works
Email marketing continues to offer brands a platform to share a compelling offer, insight or exclusive experience in a longer form than Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat. As a marketer I see how well crafted email marketing messages generate more of a direct impact and action than other platforms in the digital space. Why? Itís the one-to-one experience of email marketing. Your users and target audience see your posts, tweets and interaction on social media no doubt, and itís important in it itís own right. But, an email subject line that compels the recipient to open gets you farther than that thumb scroll through your social feeds. As the brand presenting the message, make this moment of highest value and your call to action will indeed generate action.

How to Make It Work Better For You
Itís important to preface by saying the best marketing is a strategic marketing approach empowering multiple strategies/tactics with consistency. However; when email marketing is a strategy youíre embracing, make it work and do it well.
#1. Identify how you will collect and obtain subscribers: There is no such thing as buying email lists, donít let anyone tell you there is. Use the moments you have in front of your customers to ask if you may stay connected with you via email. Make it easy to subscribe to your email lists on your website, social media pages and when you interact with your customers face-to-face.

#2. Monitor how your subscribers respond to your emails: Are they opening? Are they responding to your call to action? Use these reporting tools to be nimble and change your messaging so that you have a valuable email marketing reputation.

#3. Think about how you are using email marketing, integrate it with your other marketing strategy: This means creating intention with why, how and the frequency of how you email. Move away from using email marketing as a Sunday Shopper coupon, instead inform and promote but thoughtfully and always with an end value to your subscriber.

#4. Cover the WHAT, WHY AND HOW: From your subject line to your call to action, craft an email marketing message that clearly communicates what youíre emailing about, why itís important to the subscriber and how they can benefit.

#5. Would you open the email you crafted? If the email marketing message youíre creating wouldnít compel you to open it, donít send it. Use yourself as a gut check, make sure you take a moment to evaluate that youíve followed all of your own rules.

Keriann Rich is the Director of Agency & Client Services for Imavex, a Digital Marketing Agency located in Noblesville, IN.
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